Tuesday, July 20, 2021

European and American Hotels

Babak Bobby Bagheri is a well-experienced real estate development executive. In his career, Babak Bagheri has represented many hotel owners in negotiating management agreements for luxury hotels at many locations across Europe and the USA.

Traveling across the Atlantic presents a different hospitality experience from the United States, for example. The culture, architecture, language, and history of Europe and America are fundamentally different. This is why the hotels in Europe tend to feel old, sometimes mimicking the style of an inn or bed and breakfast. This may also be why the rooms in European hotels are smaller than their American counterparts.

There are even more details that contrast the two as a consequence of culture. For example, most European hotels have bidets and two- or three-pronged socket outlets. When language comes into the picture, European hotels describe their lobby as the ground floor and the floor above as the first. Meanwhile, Americans refer to the lobby as the first floor and the floor above as the second.


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